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Talon is a terrorist organization that serves as the main antagonistic faction in Overwatch's narrative.


Talon is comprised of a variety of individuals, each with their own goals and ideals. Through de facto leader Doomfist, the current manifesto is that humanity is made stronger through conflict. Consequently, Talon seeks to sow turmoil across the globe to strengthen the human race. Repeatedly, Talon has demonstrated disregard for the standard rules of engagement, attacking both military and civilian targets with impunity.


Talon was operating as early as the years following the end of the Omnic Crisis. In the time since, they have steadily grown more bold and powerful. Members of Talon are clad in black body armor, complete with helmets and face-obscuring ballistic masks. However, these soldiers appear to be mere rank-and-file grunts; Talon commands enough technological and scientific talent to create and field far more lethal operatives, such as Widowmaker.

The Venice Incident

Eight years before the present day, Overwatch was well and truly committed to stamping out Talon. Talon, for its part, wasn't going quietly, and struck against Overwatch targets across the globe. Under the orders of Antonio, one such attack was launched on Overwatch's Oslo facilities. Not long afterwards, a Talon agent infiltrated the Blackwatch facility in Rome, where a meeting was being held by Overwatch members Gerard Lacroix, Gabriel Reyes, and Jesse McCree. The agent planted a bomb in the facility, and the resulting blast leveled the structure. Reyes, McCree, and Lacroix (albiet heavily injured) survived, but many of the base's staff didn't. In response, a Blackwatch team, consisting of Reyes, McCree, Moira and Genji was sent to Antonio's manor in Venice. What happened next was classified within Overwatch, but it apparently resulted in the death of Antonio by Reyes's hand. Numerous Talon soldiers were dispatched, but the Blackwatch agents were able to fight their way out of the manor.

Shifting Hierarchy

After Antonio's death in Venice, Talon gained a new recruit in the form of Akande Ogundimu, whose survival of the fittest philosophy aligned with Talon's. Talon saw great potential in Ogundimu, with his intelligence and ability to inspire as a commander. Ogundimu killed his mentor, Akinjide Adeyemi, and took on the moniker of Doomfist. As the new Doomfist, Ogundimu rose high in Talon and helped to orchestrate a conflict that the organization hoped would someday engulf the world. As Ogundimu rose through the ranks, Talon's leaders began to get sloppy as the organization's hierarchy was disrupted, following the rise of a new Doomfist.

Havana Sea Fort

Six years ago, Overwatch turned its attention to Talon's financial handler, Maximilien, knowing that he'd be likelier to negotiate. They launched an strike team operation in Havana to retrieve him in Havana, Cuba. Despite the efforts of the Talon soldiers in his convoy, Maximilien was captured by Overwatch agents: Tracer, Winston, Genji and Mercy in the Havana Sea Fort. He told Overwatch that Doomfist would be in Singapore in three weeks, and in exchange requested that Overwatch not tell Doomfist nor Talon of his betrayal. Meanwhile in Cairo, Doomfist approached unanimous Omnic, praising the mystery character for their organization's noble goals to fight for their own people, but Akande claimed these goals were doomed to fail unless their organization chose to work together with Talon. The omnic expressed interest in the offer.

Doomfist's downfall

Three weeks later, Doomfist was defeated by Winston and captured. After Doomfist's incarceration, Talon council member Vialli began to steer Talon into a more profit-orientated direction.

The Assassination of Mondatta

In the animated short "Alive", Widowmaker was sent by Talon to eliminate Mondatta, an omnic looking for peace between humans and omnics. Despite Overwatch agent Tracer's best attempts at preventing this, Widowmaker put the bullet in Mondattas head before fleeing without a scratch.


In the animated short "Recall", days after the death of Mondatta, Reaper accompanied by Talon soldiers were sent to Watchpoint: Gibraltar to retrieve a list of all Overwatch agents. They encountered resistance from Winston, but were able to incapacitate him long enough for Reaper to gain access to the Overwatch agents database and their locations. However, Winston was able to overpower the operatives and defeat Reaper before proceeding to interrupt the hack. As a result of the failed operation, Winston initiated the Overwatch recall, bringing all former agents back onto active duty.

Volskaya Industries

Vialli dispatched Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra to Volskaya Industries in an attempt to assassinate its CEO, Katya Volskaya, as he was tired of how intractable she was. Sombra was able to deactivate the site's security, giving Reaper and Widowmaker access to the base. Widowmaker lined up her shot, but an alarm sounded, alerting security, and sending Katya to her panic room. Widowmaker and Reaper failed to take her out, and Sombra engaged in pursuit. She reached Katya, but made her own deal, revealing that she had been the one to set off the alarm. Leaving the safe room, she reported that Katya had escaped. The operatives returned to their ship.

Doomfist's Return

After the failed Russian assassination operation, Talon Leader Reaper assaulted a maximum security prison to rescue Doomfist, a member of the Talon inner council and former mastermind of a plot to sow chaos across the globe that was cut short years before by Winston, Tracer, and Genji. The relative ease of the operation led some to believe that Talon had moles within Helix Security International.[1] It would be three months before news of the incident became public. After being b Doomfist went to Monaco to meet with Maximilien to catch up with events involving the organization. Doomfist's return wasn't greeted well by Vialli, who sent his men to assassinate him in Monaco. The attempt failed, and Doomfist, Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker headed for Venice. The three agents eliminated Vialli's men, while Doomfist met with Vialli himself. Vialli's profit-orientated goals differed from Doomfist's Darwinian ideology, and Doomfist killed Vialli by throwing him to his death. Alongside Reaper and Maximilien, he met with what remained of Talon's inner council, declaring his intent to start a war.[2]

Known connections & activities

Talon appears to be connected closely to Blackwatch. McCree, a former member of the covert division, noted that Talon operatives were using Blackwatch tactics during an attempted raid on a hypertrain, and at least one member of the strike force appeared to recognize him, raising implications about the two organizations.[3]

At the moment, very little is known about Talon's overarching objectives or the reasoning behind their actions; however, their methods are undeniably villainous. They are exceptionally ruthless and perfectly willing to kill civilians and other noncombatants simply to cover their tracks. Recent activities suggest they may have an interest in rekindling the conflict between Omnics and humans.[4]

Gérard Lacroix was their most hated enemy for a time, the Overwatch operative heading attacks against their network. After multiple failed assassination attempts, they resorted to kidnapping and reconditioning his wife, Amélie, sending her to do what they could not. Gérard was murdered in his sleep by his brainwashed wife, and Talon's nemesis was out of the way. After the success of her mission, Talon completed the process of turning her into a living weapon. As Widowmaker, she is their most successful assassin and sniper and has had all traces of her humanity stripped away.

Overwatch later attempted to rescue hostages from Talon. Talon's aim was to extract important projects from the captured scientists. Widowmaker was deployed and killed several Overwatch agents. Captain Ana Amari, an Overwatch sniper, was able to shoot her and break the visor covering her face. Ana recognized Amélie, which gave her pause; using this opening, Widowmaker delivered a seemingly fatal shot to Ana's right eye.[5]

In the present, Reaper appears as one of the Talon's leading figures. Although the exact extent of his affiliation is unclear, he is clearly involved with their operations, given his past as the leader of Blackwatch, and has recently been seen working closely with Talon strike teams.[6][7][8] Recently, Talon also expanded their power and influence by recruiting some underworld talented individuals, like Sombra.

Several recent Talon operations have struck devastating blows to the world. There was an attempt to raid a hypertrain in the United States;[3] an attack on Watchpoint: Gibraltar in order to steal information about Overwatch's former agents;[7] and the successful assassination of Tekhartha Mondatta at King's Row.[4]

Recently, Talon's operations in Egypt was sabotaged by a vigilante "Shrike". The operation might have a connection to the Temple of Anubis, under guard by Helix Security International; and Sombra was involved in the operation. Reaper, Soldier: 76 and "Shrike" (revealed to be Ana) had a clash at Hakim's base, and resulted in the shutdown of the base.[9]

Talon also launched an assassination operation on Katya Volskaya. It was carried out by Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra. Unbeknownst to Reaper and Widowmaker, the operation was secretly sabotaged by Sombra for her own gain.[10]

Doomfist's Return

Later on, Talon infiltrated a maximum security prison owned by Helix Security International to free Doomfist. The operation was done by sending a plane with only Reaper in it to get past security and pick up Doomfist. After being freed, Doomfist went to Monaco to meet Maximilien, a fellow member of the council, in order to catch up with events involving the organization. Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, and Doomfist later went to a meeting in Venice to plan their next move.

Known Members

Council of Leaders

Council of Leaders includes (left to right): Sanjay Korpal, Doomfist, Maximilien, Reaper, and Moira.

An enigmatic group of supercriminals who lead Talon. There are estimated to be about 15 members on the inner council.

  • Doomfist: A mercenary from Nigeria. Real name Akande Ogundimu, Doomfist took Talon's goal of making humanity stronger through conflict to heart, and became an intelligent and charismatic leader. Doomfist was defeated and put in prison by a team of Overwatch agents, but recently he broke out of prison and reclaimed his weaponry.
  • Reaper: A mercenary from the United States. Formerly known as Gabriel Reyes, he was one of the famed founding members of the original Overwatch Strike Team and led Blackwatch during his days as an Overwatch member until he turned against the organization out of jealousy, which in-turn led to the explosion of the Swiss Headquarters that was presumed to have killed him. Reaper is a mercenary who joined Talon at an unknown date, and eventually became one of their leaders.
  • Moira: A geneticist from Ireland. Her controversial research in DNA forced her to turn to unusual places for funding, including Blackwatch and Oasis.
  • Sanjay Korpal: A Vishkar employee. Sanjay was one of the leaders of Vishkar's attempts to gain control over Rio de Janeiro.
  • Maximilien: A wealthy omnic accountant from Monaco. Maximilien has a day job as a croupier at Casino Monaco.

Other Members

Various agents who act out Talon's commands without leading operations.

  • Widowmaker: An assassin from France. Once known as Amélie Lacroix, she was the former wife of Overwatch agent Gérard Lacroix, who spearheaded operations against Talon. She was kidnapped, tortured, subjected to neural reconditioning, all for the sake of murdering her own husband. Now, after extreme biological alteration that turned her skin blue and numbed her ability to experience human emotion, she serves as Talon's most effective assassin.
  • Sombra: A hacker from Mexico. Olivia Colomar was a former member of Los Muertos who took part in cybernetic crimes until she uncovered a conspiracy, that also noticed her. Under the threat of its power, she removed all traces of her former self from existence, and subsequently joined Talon as a means to uncover the conspiracy and provide herself with protection.
  • Sigma: Siebren de Kuiper was astrophysicist who mind was torn apart when an experiment temporary triggered a black hole. Along with his broken psyche, he also gained the ability to control gravity around him. Deemed unsafe, De Kuiper was quarantined in a secret government facility. When Talon learned of De Kuiper's existence, they infiltrated the facility he was kept and broke him out, planning to use his brilliance and research to further their plans. De Kuiper is unaware that he's being used as a human weapon.
  • Mauga: A member of the Heavy Assault unit.


  • Unnamed Omnic: An Omnic who is the leader of Null Sector
  • Abdul Hakim: A crime lord from Egypt, he had been trying to capture Ana Amari, known to him as "Ghost". His base was under attack by Soldier: 76, where Reaper trapped the vigilante until Ana rescued him. Thanks for the efforts of Solder: 76 and Cairo's guardian, Bastet, Hakim's entire criminal netword was exposed and dismantled, and Hakim was brought to justice.
  • Trung Le Nguyen: Senior Analyst of Talon

Former Members

  • Vialli: A former seat in the council of leaders from Venice. Vialli wanted Talon be more profitable for its members, but Akande threw him off a bridge for going against Talon's ideals.
  • Antonio Bartalotti: Former council leader killed by Gabriel Reyes at the Venice Incident 8 years ago.
  • Baptiste: A former talon soldier/combat medic who went rogue following the Monte Cristi operation. As of now, he's wanted by Talon forces.
  • Akinjide Adeyemi: The former Doomfist. Akinjide earned the title of 'Scourge of Numbani' for his frequent raids on the city. He was killed and replaced by the current Doomfist, Akande Ogundimu.
  • Vernand Sainclair: Owner of Sainclair Pharmaceuticals and an associate of Talon. He once worked for Overwatch as a spy and leak some of their information to Talon. When he stopped distributing a portion of his profit to Talon, they sent agents after him.

Paramilitary Forces

Paramilitary Forces (left to right): Trooper, Enforcer, Heavy Assault, Sniper, and Assassin.

Talon has employed a variety of paramilitary forces. During the period of Overwatch's activities, these forces included heavily armored soldiers with specialist roles. In the present day, Talon has utilized more lightly armored soldiers, with a lack of heavy armor or armament.

  • Trooper: Make up the bulk of Talon's forces. Their total numbers remain unknown and appear to be growing. Outfitted with full body armor, helmets, and a suppressed assault rifle.
  • Enforcer: Elite operators within the Talon organization appear to possess genetic and cybernetic augmentation that make them extremely dangerous in combat, particularly in close quarters. Outfitted with heavy body armor, helmets, and a shotgun.
  • Assassin: Like the enforcers, Talon's assassins possess enhanced speed, stealth, and balance and have proven extremely elusive, as their movements are near impossible to track. Outfitted with full body armor, helmet, and bladed tonfa.
  • Sniper: Frighteningly effective at taking out high-priority targets around the world. Outfitted with full body armor, helmet, and a sniper rifle.
  • Heavy Assault: Heavy Assaults are extremely large, strong, and durable soldiers, outfitted with a powered exoskeleton and dual mini-guns.


During the cinematic ending of the Storm Rising event, Doomfist was speaking to an Omnic in Egypt. The community is still making theories about the Omnic's identity.

Known Enemies

Indicates the character is deceased.

Known Operations

Objective: Capture Amélie Lacroix
Participating members: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Media: No appearance in media
Result: Success

Objective: Assassinate Gérard Lacroix
Participating members: Amélie Lacroix
Location: Unknown
Media: No appearance in media
Result: Success

Objective: Capture scientists and extract information
Participating members: Widowmaker, multiple unnamed Talon agents
Location: Unknown Talon's base
Media: Ana Origin Story, Legacy
Result: Partial failure
Additional details: Hostages were rescued by Overwatch. Successfully eliminated Overwatch Second-in-Command, Ana Amari.

Objective: Retrieve the locations of former Overwatch agents
Participating members: Reaper, 4 unnamed Talon agents
Location: Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Media: Recall
Result: Partial success
Additional details: A small roster of Overwatch agents was retrieved rather than the entire roster.

Objective: Assassinate Tekhartha Mondatta
Participating members: Widowmaker
Location: King's Row
Media: Alive
Result: Success

Objective: Retrieve Doomfist's gauntlet.
Participating members: Reaper, Widowmaker
Location: Unknown museum
Media: Cinematic Trailer
Result: Failure

Objective: Steal a valuable object from a civilian train
Participating members: Multiple unnamed Talon agents
Location: Hypertrain, US
Media: Train Hopper
Result: Success

Objective: Assassinate Katya Volskaya
Participating members: Sombra, Reaper, Widowmaker
Location: Volskaya Industries
Media: Infiltration
Result: Failure
Additional details: The Talon operation failed, due to Sombra's intervention for the sake of her personal agenda.

Objective: Free Doomfist from prison
Participating members: Reaper
LocationHelix's classified security installation
Media: Talon Involvement Confirmed, Doomfist Origin Story, Masquerade
Result: Success

Objective: Retrieve Doomfist's gauntlet
Participating members: Doomfist
Location: Numbani's Heritage Museum
Media: Orisa Origin Story
Result: Success

Objective: Assassinate Vialli and other rogue members of Talon
Participating members: Doomfist, Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra
Location: Venice
Result: Success

Objective: Assassinate Daniel Fernandez
Participating members: Cuerva, Baptiste, Mauga, Doubleday, Mezzai, Pacanowsky, multiple unnamed Talon agents
Location: Monte Cristi
Media: What You Left Behind
Result: Failure
Additional details: Target was not found. Cuerva also orders an attack on the town. Baptiste deserts Talon

Objective: Assassinate Vernand Sainclair
Participating members:Mauga, Trung Le Nguyen, and Baptiste
Location: Port-de-Paix
Media:What You Left Behind
Additional details: Baptiste escapes with Sainclair

Objective: Capture Dr. Siebren de Kuiper
Participating members: Reaper, Widowmaker, Moira
Location: Unknown secret government facility
Media: Sigma Origin Story
Result: Success



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