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The Summer Games is a summer sports and recreation-based event in Overwatch. The event includes the game modes Lúcioball and its competitive variant, Copa Lúcioball, and three maps exclusive to the game mode: Estádio das RãsSydney Harbour Arena, and Busan Stadium.

The event also contains a limited series of items, which can be earned through special Loot Boxes, and unlocked through Hero Gallery within the span of the event. All event-exclusive content becomes unobtainable once the event ends and will remain locked until next Summer Games event.

Event dates

  • Summer Games 2016 started on 2 August, 2016 and ended on 22 August, 2016.
  • Summer Games 2017 started on 8 August, 2017 and ended on 29 August, 2017.
  • Summer Games 2018 started on 9 August, 2018 and ended on 31 August, 2018.
  • Summer Games 2019 started on 16 July , 2019 and ended on 5 August, 2019.
  • Summer Games 2020 started on 4 August, 2020 and ended on 25 August, 2020.


Main article: Lúcioball

Lúcioball is a Arcade game mode exclusive to the event, introduced during the 2016 Summer Games. It is an adaptation of association football/soccer, albeit with simpler rules and changes that complement Lúcio's abilities. In Summer Games 2017, some mechanics are changed to enhance the playing experience. Furthermore a competitive version of Lúcioball, Copa Lúcioball is introduced. Also since Summer Games 2017, 3 Special Achievements tied to this brawl have been introduced; they will unlock sprays when obtained.

Summer Games items



  • The Summer Games 2016 event was based on the 2016 Summer Olympics which took place at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the same place where the Estádio das Rãs map is located.
  • Although its name is Summer Games, the event takes place in winter for Brazil and Australia (the locations of Lúcioball's maps), as the two countries are located in Southern Hemisphere.

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