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The Seoul Dynasty is an Overwatch League team representing the city of Seoul, South Korea. It is owned by Generation Gaming.


KSV eSports (now known as Generation Gaming) announced that they had bought the Seoul slot on July 12, 2017, as one of the 12 teams participating in the inaugural season. On August 22, the roster of Lunatic-Hai was transferred, and over the next two months more players would be added to the team. On October 26, the Seoul Dynasty branding was revealed.


For this team's upcoming match schedule, visit this link.


2019 Roster

OWLicon dynasty.png ID Name # Role
Fl southkorea.png Fleta Byung-sun Kim 1 Damage
Fl southkorea.png FITS Dong-eun Kim 16 Damage
Fl southkorea.png ILLICIT Jae-min Park 21 Damage
Fl southkorea.png Munchkin Sang-beom Byeon 27 Damage
Fl southkorea.png Fissure Chan-hyung Baek 0 Tank
Fl southkorea.png zunba Joon-hyuk Kim 5 Tank
Fl southkorea.png Marve1 Min-seo Hwang 11 Tank
Fl southkorea.png Michelle Min-hyuk Choi 99 Tank
Fl southkorea.png tobi Jin-mo Yang 7 Support
Fl southkorea.png Highly Sung-hyeok Lee 10 Support
Fl southkorea.png Jecse Seung-soo Lee 13 Support
Fl southkorea.png ryujehong Je-hong Ryu 14 Support

Former players

OWLicon dynasty.png ID Name # Role Reason
Fl southkorea.png Bunny Joon-hyuk Chae 8 DPS Transferred to Los Angeles Valiant
Fl southkorea.png Gambler Jin-woo Heo 9 Support
Fl southkorea.png Gido Gi-do Moon 13 Flex
Fl southkorea.png KuKi Dae-kuk Kim 11 Tank
Fl southkorea.png Miro Jin-hyuk Gong 3 Tank
Fl southkorea.png Wekeed Seok-woo Choi 0 DPS
Fl southkorea.png xepheR Jae-mo Koo 39 Flex


ID Name Nationality Position
alwaysoov Fl southkorea.png South Korea Coach
nuGget Fl southkorea.png South Korea Coach
Baek Kwang-Jin Fl southkorea.png South Korea Coach


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