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Rialto (Retribution) is a version of the Rialto map used to play the Retribution Brawl during the Archives event.

The Retribution version of the map existed prior to the default escort version.


The map is very similar to the escort version, the key difference being that the map takes place at Night, rather than during the day. There are two areas of this version not present in the escort one, those being inside of the Talon Headquarters and the Restaurant behind the art gallery. The final spawn of the defenders on escort is also closed off. Other differences include the removal of the archway on the water's edge of the docks, the lack of a Payload the art gallery and the lack of moving gondolas on the river, including no destructible omnic gondoliers. Although not a physical change, this map also plays in reverse to the escort version.


  • This version of Rialto was developed before the Escort Version, being released months before Rialto in the Retribution Event.
  • This version of Rialto is larger than the Escort Version, including an extra area behind the art gallery.
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