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Necropolis is one of the locations in Overwatch. It is an Arena map.

Ana Amari has made Necropolis her personal hideout—and an impromptu field base where she can keep an eye on things.

Head to Ana’s preferred vantage point at the top of the ruins, and use the high ground (and the element of surprise) against the enemy team. Or walk the stone corridors below, and take the fight to them directly—just watch out for pits!



The Necropolis is a small Egyptian tomb in the desert near Giza. After coming out of retirement, Ana Amari set up camp here, turning one building into a small workshop. After the events of Old Soldiers, Soldier: 76 has set up his own room at the Necropolis. The two have since been trying to track down Reaper.

Easter Eggs

  • In Ana's workshop, there are three monitors. One displays a security feed of Giza, one shows a map of Reaper sightings, and one shows security footage from Volskaya Industries.[1]
  • Behind Ana's workshop is her bed, where she keeps a few photos from her days in Overwatch, as well as her hologram image of young Pharah. Beside it is her sidearm.
  • One spawn room is Soldier: 76's room, as evidenced by his Heavy Pulse Rifle and a bag marked "Morrison" beside the bed.
  • In the distance, the pyramid from the Temple of Anubis is visible beside Giza, as well as a sandcrawler driving through the desert.

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