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Ultimate Ability: Nano Boost
Cast-time ultimate type
Ally-targeting hitscan ability type
50% damage boost, 50% damage resistance
40 m range
250 healing on use
0.2 sec cast
Lasts 8 seconds

After Ana hits one of her allies with a combat boost, they deal more damage, and take less damage from enemies’ attacks.

Default Key: (PC Q.png, PS Tri.png, XB Y.png)
"You're powered up, get in there!"


Ana targets one ally and shoots an injection to grant them a boost. Nano-Boosted players will glow blue for teammates and red for the opposing team, while also having an electric effect surrounding them. That player is healed for 250 health instantly upon use and receives a buff for 8 seconds; their attack damage is increased by 50% and gain 50% damage resistance for the duration.

The boost only works for that hero and will not affect that hero's indirect damage sources, such as turrets, mines, and other unconnected weapons and abilities. For example, Torbjörn's turrets and Junkrat's RIP-Tire will not have a boost on their damage and defense. Furthermore, if D.Va activates self-destruct sequence or call mech after receiving a boost, she will lose the boost and its benefits in her new mode (although the sound effect still be heard until the time it's supposed to end).

The injection is a hitscan attack. It can be shot through enemy bodies and barriers, as long as Ana is able to see the ally target. It cannot be blocked, "eaten," absorbed, nor deflected. However, it can be interrupted by hard crowd control effects: such as Sombra's hack or McCree's flashbang.

In Deathmatch, Ana can use Nano boost on herself (since she has no allies to use it on).

In the Game Options, Ana has an option that affects her Nano Boost:

  • Nano Boost Sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of Nano Boost's targeting. The less value it is, the closer the distance between crosshair and the teammates has to be for activating the Nano Boost.

The player that controls Ana and the ally who receives the boost will hear "You are powered up, get in there." All other allies will hear "Nano Boost administered." An enemy Ana will shout "وريهم قوتك" when she activates Nano Boost. The hero who gets boosted will shout a line to inform other players on your team.

Boosted hero's lines

Heroes Voice lines
  • I feel like I could take on the world!
  • I cannot be stopped!
  • I am feeling unstoppable!
  • Now, I'm feeling good!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • No stopping me!
  • Mwen pa santi anyen!
  • [Vigorous sound]
  • I am unstoppable!
  • Who's ready to take some punishment?!
  • You better get out of the way!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • I'm coming for you all!
  • Upgrade detected!
  • Systems in overdrive!
  • 力がみなぎってくる!
  • Strength flows through me!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • I cannot be stopped!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • There's no one to stop me now!
  • I'm unstoppable!
  • Oh, there's no stopping me now!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • Boostio!
  • Buckle up, this gunslinger's loaded!
  • Ain't no stopping me!
  • I'm unstoppable!
  • Everyone, stay out of my way!
  • Nothing can stop me!
  • I feel empowered!
  • I feel unstoppable!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • I feel unstoppable!
  • My power is overwhelming!
  • I feel unstoppable!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • System output overloaded!
  • Systems at max!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • Huhu... I feel alive!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • Are you ready? Here I come!
  • I feel powerful!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • Come over here!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • It can not be stopped!
  • With power, such possibilities!
Soldier: 76
  • Get out of my way!
  • I'm feeling unstoppable!
  • No one's going to stop me!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • There is nothing that will stand in my way!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • I'm feeling the power!
  • I'm unstoppable!
  • Onwards to ragnarok!
  • No one's gonna stop me!
  • I'm unstoppable!
  • I feel alive!
  • I cannot be stopped!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • Feeling powerful!
  • Feeling powerful, and I'm not even angry!
  • I feel unstoppable!
Wrecking Ball
  • [High Squeak]
  • Nano Boost Administered!
  • Systems overpowered!
  • I am strong!
  • My strength unleashed!
  • I am unstoppable!
  • I feel unstoppable!
  • I feel greatly empowered!


  • If Nano Boost is applied to McCree when he is activating Deadeye, the speed of the act of lock-in target will be boosted.
  • All boosted heroes except for Bastion, Echo and Wrecking Ball have at least one voice line to express that they cannot be stopped by anyone.
  • Of all these, Wrecking Ball, Sigma, Mei, and Ana are the only heroes who don't use the word 'unstoppable'.

Patch changes

  • Overwatchemblem black.png February 26, 2019 Patch: Heal reduced from 300 to 250.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png August 9, 2018 Patch: Now also instantly heals the target for 300 health; Range increased from 30 to 40 meters.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png May 22, 2018 Patch: Ana can now Nano Boost herself in Deathmatch.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png March 3, 2017 Patch: The total damage reduction that a hero can receive while buffed has been capped at 50% (formerly 70%).
  • Overwatchemblem black.png February 28, 2017 Patch: New Hero Option: Nano Boost Sensitivity.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png November 16, 2016 Patch: Fixed a bug that allowed healers to gain Ultimate charge more quickly than intended.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png November 15, 2016 Patch: No longer increases move speed.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png October 19, 2016 Patch: Fixed an issue preventing Ana's Nano Boost callouts from being heard by the enemy team.
  • Overwatchemblem black.png October 11, 2016 Patch: Heroes hit by Ana's Nano Boost have a new voice line that informs players on the opposing team. Ultimate cost has been increased by 20%.

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