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MEKA (Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army) was originally a drone only unit designed by the South Korean government in response to the Gwisin, a massive omnics that are made from the underwater South China Sea omnium to attack their country.

After many battles with the giant robot, each resulting in a stalemate where it would retreat into the sea, the drones were eventually compromised. In response, the government began using pilots in these armored units, recruiting such heroes as D.Va.

Known Members

Captain Myung, Role: Commanding Officer[1]

Hana Song a.k.a D.Va, Role: Mech Pilot for 토끼 (Tokki)

Yuna Lee a.k.a D.Mon, Role: Mech Pilot for Beast

Kyung-soo Han a.k.a King, Role: Mech Pilot for 신기전 (Singijeon)

Jae-Eun Kwon a.k.a Casino, Role: Mech Pilot for La Princesse Sereine

Seung-Hwa Shi a.k.a Overlord, Role Mech Pilot for Mastermind

Dae-Hyun Park , Role: MEKA Mechanic Assigned to Hana/ Hana's friend[2]