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King's Row (Uprising) is a modified version of the standard King's Row map used for the Uprising brawl during the Uprising seasonal event.


The map is physically identical to the original map; the only changes are aesthetic.

  • The map is set during the day rather than at night.
  • Players first spawn in the 1st defender's spawn, though further down the tunnel that is normally closed off in the original map.
  • Three Anti-Artillery guns are scattered across the map; above the 3rd attacker's spawn, replacing Mondatta's monument statue, and above the 1st attacker's spawn. The area beneath or beside the AA guns serve as capture points.
  • The payload is a bomb that stops at the first checkpoint before exploding and creating an opening into the Power Station.
  • The streets are littered with fire, destruction, and barricades.
  • Null Sector bots can be seen flying around the map.
  • Graffiti is replaced by Null Sector taggings and anti-Omnic posters.
  • Projectiles from the AA guns fill the smoked-filled skies.
  • The Meridian theater sports different posters on its walls.
  • The final stage is a pristine reskin version of the Power Station. Note the lack of the Omnic Underworld.
  • The car in front of the 1st attacker's spawn isn't hovering and has wheels instead.

Patch changes

  • Overwatchemblem black.png April 17, 2017 Patch: Fixed an bug preventing the Null Sector bots from spawning during the payload escort phase of the Overwatch Uprising Brawl.

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