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Efi Oladele is an eleven-year-old prodigy who has been known for her extraordinary achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence. She currently resides in Numbani.


Efi Oladele has recently acquired the Adawe Foundation's prestigious "genius grant," in recognition of her many accomplishments.[1] She was interviewed later by Atlas News and revealed that she dreamed to build some robotic invention to preserve the safety for people like the OR15 Defense Bots, and planned to use her grant to work on an undisclosed project.[2]

She later witnessed an attack to Numbani's Adawe International Airport by Doomfist, resulting in the destruction of multiple OR15. She managed to take a photo of the aftermath and submit the photo to Atlas News.[3] Efi seemed to be more determined to work on her project after the incident at the airport as seen when she publicly announced on her holovid channel that she is gathering several components.[4] One of them is the OR15 chassis, which was sold by Numbani civic government when the OR15 Program was decommissioned following the robots' earlier failure.

Efi later repaired and reconfigured the OR15, and added her own designed personality core to the robot. The result are, in Efi's words, a new hero and protector of Numbani. She named the omnic Orisa and become Orisa's guardian. They set off to start their career as Numbani's guardian. Efi took the role of Orisa's guidance, and was willing to make the necessary modifications to Orisa when needed.