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Wings0fFire.com bois Wings0fFire.com bois 11 February 2020


So I'll be talking about Overwatch characters in this blog. Today I thought I should do which is the best Genji skin?
Well, I get asked this a lot since I'm a Genji main and I respond with Oni. Oni Genji skin cost 1,000 coins but it's worth it. But there is two other really good one and its Sentai Genji and Blackwatch Genji. 

1: Oni Genji

​​​​​​​2: Blackwatch Genji

3: Sentai Genji

And there's my top 3 favorite Genji's.

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Cybertomboy2049 Cybertomboy2049 26 October 2019

Overwatch OC: Firefox


Secondary fire, fireball 

Band aid: heal an ally

Infa-red location: see the enemies for 15 seconds 

Ultimate: fire blast: blast the flamethrower at the enemies

Kathryn Fawkes was an average girl, living in Junkertown with her twin brother Jamison. But him and his friend Roadhog were exiled, and it started to take an emotional toll on Kathryn, who became anxious about the whereabouts of her brother, muttering random things to herself, and letting her rage out on her fellow Junkers. The queen resorted to full denial, that her most loyal servant was traumatised. And then, on that last day, she broke.The queen can't tolerate the violence anymore, so she comitted Kathryn to the Malysu Institute. Where she spent three months hallucinat…

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Strikeovercrazy2 Strikeovercrazy2 1 September 2019

My fanmade overwatch hero idea

Name Darter

Class Damage

Health: 425

Weapon Throwing Darts

Ammo: 6

Damage: from afar 30 to 60: close up 60 to 150


Quick Fire: Darter quickfires all his darts dealing 45 to 90 damage, Their also posion darts : cooldown 8 seconds

Shade Cover: He uses his coat as cover/ giving him 150 sheild : cooldown 12 seconds

Disjuse: He can disjuse himself as one of the emenys : cooldown 50 seconds

Speical: Dart Distronic: Many darts rain from the sky dealing a lot of damage

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RE4U97 RE4U97 15 August 2019

sick hanzo montage that will blow your head away and a testing montage for sigma that will crack you up xD

Please share,like,subscribe and leave a comment it's importent for me to have your feedback

Hnazo sick montage that will blow you away

Testing sigma (helerious montage) xD

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Rni0818 Rni0818 29 July 2019

i wonder if this wiki has stubs


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Mira The Charger Mira The Charger 24 April 2019

Another Concept

I personally don't like this concept to much


Real Name: Cindy Kumala

Age: 21

Height: 5’2

Occupation: Unknown

Base of Operations: Singapore

Role: Support

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐

Health: 200

Armor: 0

Shield: 0

Total: 200

Ammunition: 20

Reload Time: 1.5 seconds



Primary fire:Launches chemically imbalanced seedlings that can do 8-10 damage to enemies and give 20 HP to allies. Uses 1 ammunition per use.

Secondary fire: Launches chemically balanced seeds that give 30 HP to allies per hit.

Seed Patch

Lavender can plant chemically modified seed patches, that when grown; which takes 4 seconds; provide +5 HP per second to allies in a 10 meter radius. Seed patches have 80 HP. 3 can be placed at a time. Take 5 seconds to recharge after being destroyed/…

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Mira The Charger Mira The Charger 23 April 2019

My first character concept


Real Name: Zoe Patella

Age: 28

Height: 5’6

Occupation: Hellenic Officer (formerly)

Base of Operations: Greece

Role: Damage

Difficulty: ⭐⭐




Total: 250

Ammunition: 100

Reload time: 2 seconds



Primary Fire: Concentrated fire beam that does 5-15 damage per second with 15m range. Uses 2 ammunition per second.

Secondary Fire: Dispersed flames that reach 5m across and 4m forwards from where being shot. Does 15-25 damage per second. Uses 10 ammunition per second. Does burn damage that lasts up to 5 seconds, dealing 8 damage per second.

Flame Turrets

Shoot dispersed fire when enemies are detected within 10m, deals 10-15 damage per second, with burn damage that does 5 damage per second and lasts up to 8 seconds. Up t…

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Mllejodiegrace Mllejodiegrace 2 November 2018

BlizzCon 2018

This year marks the 12th BlizzCon hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. This conference is the source of major news and announcements from the company, including new games, expansions, and other important content additions and updates.

The Opening Ceremony serves as a teaser for things to come during the Con, with each game typically receiving a "what's next" as well as a "deep dive" with attached Q&A. The deep dive is a more in-depth look at particular upcoming features.

Below is the schedule for upcoming content related to Overwatch. Check back at this blog during and after the listed times to find out what was covered, and be sure to check out the remainder of the wiki for updates!

Note: all times are PST

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
New hero - Ashe

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Jackson the Emperor Jackson the Emperor 26 October 2018

Excessive Vandalism

This is a warning for other users on the Overwatch Wiki. Multiple pages have been vandalized today by the user User:Jabri99 . Current examples include Widowmaker, McCree, Genji, Zenyatta, Mercy, Ana, and Castillo. While a few vandalisations have been reversed and fixed, this still causes a big alarm, as some of these pages are NOT protected at all. I don't know WHY this is, but it's a huge and major problem that needs to be fixed if we're supposed to prevent vandalism on FANDOM and on wikis.

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Tracer main RIP Tracer main RIP 25 August 2018

The unfun factor of overwatch (how we can maybe bring it back??)


I don't know if this will even be read once i don't know if this will ever make it into the hands of someone that can do something about this but I'm atleast going to try and if you agree with me please pass this on get it circling so we can maybe get this fixed finally, anyway now the actual purpose of this post

First off a big shoutout to the youtuber Nateson he's a really cool youtuber and inspired me to make this post so make sure to check him out he makes really awesome videos anyway so the unfun factor what do I mean by that? I mean like almost all the new heroes.... no not Hammond I mean like Briggite, Moira Sombra (not really new but still relatively new) and some heroes that aren't even new…

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Amberiane Amberiane 16 May 2018

OVERWATCH it's is popular?

  • So , i'm kinda want be an newbie watcher for OW because the game looks good. But overwatch it's is popular?
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PraYer;-;7 PraYer;-;7 19 December 2017

Overwatch Tentative Changes

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OverwatchNerd318 OverwatchNerd318 7 November 2017

Tips for Overwatch

I would like to get as many tips in here, and only tips. If you see anything you disagree with, kindly state your thoughts but don’t flame other people by calling them noobs or trash players.

These tips can be on anything, aiming techniques, hero tips, game sense, positioning, strategies, the meta, etc.

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Casperillion Casperillion 6 November 2017

Thoughts on Moira

Been testing out Moira on the PTR this morning, can't seem to find any interactions or hero specific voice lines as of right now but I'm sure those will be added in when she goes live. She only has one "I need healing" line as well... That's gonn get annoying -_-

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Raylan13 Raylan13 1 November 2017

BlizzCon 2017

This year marks the 11th BlizzCon hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. This conference is the source of major news and announcements from the company, including new games, expansions, and other important content additions and updates.

The Opening Ceremony serves as a teaser for things to come during the Con, with each game typically receiving a "what's next" as well as a "deep dive" with attached Q&A. The deep dive is a more in-depth look at particular upcoming features.

Below is the schedule for upcoming content related to Overwatch. Check back at this blog during and after the listed times to find out what was covered, and be sure to check out the remainder of the wiki for updates!

Note: all times are PST

  • 1 November 3, 2017 (Friday)
    • 1.1 Opening Cerem…

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Jewvia Jewvia 10 October 2017

November Hero Prediction Tier List

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Cuteandbeautiful107 Cuteandbeautiful107 30 September 2017

My blawg

This is my blog. Ill write in it.

Too obvious, but here's a joke:

A horse walks into a bar.

The bartender says, " Why the long face?"

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Cuteandbeautiful107 Cuteandbeautiful107 28 August 2017

Just a bunch of inconvenient stuff

Hi my name is Isabella and I am very good at video games, including Overwatch. I have a Nintendo 3DS XL and it is cool XD

OMG I just realised that I am very good at playing the difficult characters in Overwatch. :D Alright back to the basics. I own a PS4. It is very cool and I play Overwatch on it. I totes ship D.VaXLucio :) 

Alright, lemme tell u a joke, I'm very good at puns. OK, here I go.  

Q:What do u call a cat who ate a duck?

A: A duck filled fatty puss, of course!

Lol XD I'm totally laughing!

Also, speaking of Overwatch, I'm a Hanzo main.

When I saw Hanzo's "Fisherman Dance" emote, my mind went LOLOLOL! XD!

(His dance was just funny, that's all:D)

Let me tell u my list of fandoms:

· Harry Potter

· Overwatch

· The Loud House

· Percy Jackson

· Twi…

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Jenburton Jenburton 10 August 2017

Seeking Volunteer Curators

Hey Overwatch community!

I’m sure you’re aware of FANDOM’s editorial site, Fandom.com and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. In addition to writing original editorial articles we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what’s happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

To that end, we’re creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called “Volunteer Curators”. Who we’re looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite game, movie or TV show. If you spend a bunch of time on the Overwatch subreddit or follow Overwatch news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

We’re looking for people like you to help us round out our Overwatch coverag…

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WolfGirlsClan WolfGirlsClan 26 July 2017

What your Overwatch main says about you

  • 1 Offense
  • 2 Defense
  • 3 Tank
  • 4 Support

  • Doo​mfist - You really like to main doomfist before he even got launched? Well then you really want everything that you can as quick as you can, being able to play a character that is on the PTR and even MAIN them? This tells that you love to get all the coooool stuff early dontcha?
  • Genji - You know that Genji is a popular choice between new players and old players alike, and he is a cyborg ninja! If you main him you love being quick and try to do your best in damageing and pestering your team. This tells that you love be quick about stuff. And also pester others sometimes.
  • McCree - The gunslinger that requires hours upon hours of practice to master! Your accuracy and precision will become deadly af and you dont mi…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 21 July 2017

New Guy

Hi, my name is ZH115.  I'm new here.  Not just to the wiki, but to Overwatch in general.  I have actually been debating if I should get it.  Does the game live up to all the hype I've heard around it?  See, I've played a (from what I've heard) similar game that I'm sure you all have heard of called Team Fortress 2.  I'm aware of the whole debate on which is better.  I personally love TF2.  Do I hate Overwatch?  No.  I can't hate something I've never tried.  My thinking is, "If it's similar to TF2, then I'll probably like a more modern version of it with enhanced graphics and larger roster."  I would like to know a few things before I buy, though.  More like advice.  What should I know ahead of time?  By the way, you've probably already see…

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Phonzieffect Phonzieffect 4 June 2017

Epic Loot Box Openings!! First time playing the game!!

Hey guys!! I wanted to show you this insane opening of loot boxes because I was finally able to get the skin I wanted to plus more!! I love playing this game and the community here I will continue for more years to come!! 

Here si the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iC4yxYTbYM&lc=z135f5wrnrrugvwyk04cgl1jsyfrzvbzes00k

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 19 May 2017

Last day of school!

Welp, the title says it all. That means no chromebook and fast internet 5 days a week. and that means less activity. BUT I'll try to be on at least once a week. I've been waiting to be out of school for a while now. And it's already the last day.

Later today, I will have to turn in this chromebook to the school's Administrator (because it's the school's chromebook) and...yeah... I will be on the forums via mobile app and... yeah...

Yes, ill miss editing, reverting vandalism, and more... But it wont be gone all summer. When school is back, My activity will greatly increase again. I really do wish i have my own PC and fast internet with unlimited data, but it's life. When i graduate from high school, I'll move to a town with fast internet and …

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 16 May 2017


I play Overwatch on console (Xbox) so i used Upload Studio, which is a free app you can install from Xbox Store. It allows you to be able to edit your video playbacks into one, do commentaries, top 5s, and more. I will be making some of these montages on overwatch. I'll post these on Youtube ( Search TTheenderr on Youtube), and here in these blogs. Here's my first one:

Like the video? Yes No

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 3 May 2017

Reaching higher levels... EOC stuff... and school's almost out...and things...

So... Another blog, yeah i know im slacking, but recently, I have been granted a content moderator. And no, i wont abuse it. That is the opposite of what I would do. I'll leave something off for other mods/admins to deal with when i'm not sure its right. For example: when someone adds info in the tips section.

I also revised and added more details and made my profile page more exciting, thanks to CSS and HTML extensions. I added a poll below this paragraph if you guys likes my profile page. Here it is:

Now, Im about to have EOC tests, which are the final tests in high school. I might not be as active as I was. And then when that's finished, we have about a week left. then no school. I will try to get on atleast twice a week. I'll be getting …

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PuffaTree PuffaTree 30 April 2017


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TTheenderr TTheenderr 26 April 2017


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TTheenderr TTheenderr 26 April 2017

Discord.... Overwatch Profile... th-things...

I got a discord account and I am active on /r/Overwatch channel (which you guys can search for it and join in). My official Username is, of course, TTheenderr. But on there is Amazing Zenpai. I created that when me and a couple people in a Voice Chat were joking about my previous nick, Amazing Zenyatta.
so, that's how i got that. and now to my profile page on this wikia. I updated my milestone, changed the bottom table, then coded it in HTML CSS, and deleted the wikia scripted table. It's now more creative and goes with my basic HTML CSS skill. it actually took a while to figure out the colors for the second box (My Overwatch Mains). I added border colors instead of the borders being depressing and gray, lel. Now i need to figure out how to…
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TTheenderr TTheenderr 18 April 2017

Exciting News!!!

  • First thing, I'm back!!!
  • Second thing, OVERWATCH EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Third thing, back at school (prison)

My first loot box (free) I got the BEST skin from the event :3

It's the Blackwatch Genji skin! that box contained 2 legendaries (Gold) including that blackwatch genji skin. The other is Stunt: 76

I also got Ironclad later on.

I found out the BEST Strat for the UPRISING (All heroes) game mode.

Requires 1 bastion, 1 mercy, 1 reinhardt, and 1 Soldier: 76. Each player must have a lot of experience on one or more of these heroes. On the part where the payload charges and you have to defend, Bastion needs to set up at the top of the payload. Reinhardt have to use abilities to keep the Detonators from reaching to the payload. Mercy is there to rez when…

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 4 April 2017

Short Announcement of My Activity...ness

This is going towards Spring Break

I won't be back until the 18th??? It's on a Tuesday on the week after the next.

I know it's a long break but I'll be back then. I won't be gone till this Friday afternoon.. just a quick announcement so bye...

I'm the REAL TTheenderr (talk) 13:27, April 4, 2017 (UTC)

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 31 March 2017

It's Friday...

First things first, if any of you play Overwatch via Xbox One, send a friend request: cuppy000

hopefully that gamertag changes soon

It's friday, I'm tired, and...things...

I also play monster legends... yay... Im level 25 and already breading a legendary (Rockantium)

I really dont know what to talk about... school has been busy this week... so, sorry for the short blog, maybe the shortest blog, ever... cya next week :(

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 29 March 2017

Changed my user page... Titles are improving...

So, I've done some research on the wiki about editing, and i decided to improve my profile page... you guys can go ahead and look at the chart I created... content will be added, such as higher milestones, goals, and achievements...

This is just gonna be a very quick blog for today. And if any of you wondering what a status group is, an example is an Administrator. What the specific status group that is my goal is to be at least a content moderator. As some of you don't know what a content moderator does, he/she can protect pages, if they get excessively vandalised, etc.

I forgot what group status has the ability that can block users, but ONLY on the wikia page that was given to him/her. :/

I've learned some HTML and CSS coding so, I know a f…

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 28 March 2017

Just wondering... Pls read and reply. it's kinda like a poll...

I've been wondering this for a while now...

This is for those who contribute this wikia atleast once every 2 weeks.

Reply "1": If you use the Visual Editor

Reply "2": If you use the Rich Text Editor

Reply "3": If you use the Source Editor

I use the Source editor because its simple, you can see the code for the tables, edit them very easily. pls reply. i like to know which is more commonly use.

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 27 March 2017

More...Things... I need to work on my titles :/...

So... It's another Monday... yay -.-...

Recently, My school admin finally unblocked wikia's file url known as: vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net. Now this wikia is colorful to me :D. No more .img icons on every logo and image on here.

So, I've been checking and revising Hero/Abilities pages, adding/editing the content table, adding the HeroNav, adding the Stub template if the page barely have details about it, etc. So, I really don't know what else to talk about, and I'm the only one here that does these blogs... don't know why, guess I'm too good at...these...titles..and...things...about other things... I'm kidding... I really don't know...so...

I'm almost finished with the hero/ability pages and hopefully i got something to talk about later this…

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 23 March 2017

Things... My thoughts... and...um...other things...

Recently, I came up with an idea which probably will never be implemented.

It is a status group, (Only for a wiki that it is assigned), that gives a user the ability to block users, rollback, protection, delete files ONLY. so, it's pretty much a anti-vandalism status.

I, personally, trust myself to have block, protect, delete tools but currently, I'm not sure the admins trust me that much... yet.

Anyways, what Raylan13 has changed the hero pages. Now the Bio is formatted so they cannot be vandalized anymore! YAY! Their page introduction brings a few details that sums up what the hero is and what the hero does. It is still a work in progress. Can't wait for it to be finished. Alicilespear is working on a change for Hero/Quotes page. Revising i…

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 20 March 2017

I'm back from the weekend! Yay - - and im in school...

So, I'm back... and I've respectfully been given a tool that is known as the "rollback" tool. Which you guys can research at the community central help, if you don't know what it is. And as you know, or will know, I WON'T abuse anything given to me. On my User page, I added a couple milestones, achievements, and goals that I'm hoping to achieve.

One of the only reasons why I joined was to STOP VANDALISM.

  • If you got any questions, you can ask me. I'll make sure I can respond to you. Thanks for reading

P.S.: My favorite food is pie

I'm the REAL TTheenderr (talk) 16:02, March 20, 2017 (UTC)

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 15 March 2017

Reverts'n stuph

Hey, what's up guys, TTheenderr here with another overwatch wikia blog. Before i start, Yes "stuph" is spelt worng AND i know how it is spelt. (stuff). Its up there because i like it.:3 

Now, I enjoy reverting vandalism but when it comes to the point where one vandalizes multiple pages, thats when it gets stressful. I'm not gonna lie, but i think it would be cool to have a group status where a person can ONLY prevent the person vandlizing a page up to a couple weeks, no longer. It later can be extended by a higher group like an admin or a staff... But, that may never happen. though it would be nice where staffs and admins do different shifts to contribute and block vandalism most of the day, if not all day (and night).

I recently came up wit…

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Hacktivist Hacktivist 8 March 2017

Orisa - Who is this Spider Mech?

       As many of you guys know, Orisa has now been released in Overwatch. She's not fully released as she is only in the PTR, so only pc players can play her. If you guys are a console player like me, you may be wondering what this new character is exactly. I've scavenged youtube and found a few helpful videos to help you guys with understanding who Orisa is.

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Hacktivist Hacktivist 1 March 2017

Overwatch New Update - Bastion Buffs/Nerfs, New Gamemode, and more

A new Overwatch update came out February 28, and they've left me with a lot of stuff to cover.

One of the very first things you notice when you enter the game is the new Gamemode: Capture the Flag. When Overwatch was celebrating the Year of the Rooster, they came out with a new Gamemode: Capture the Rooster. This brawl was easily the most popular one that Blizzard has ever created. Seeing the success, Blizzard decided to make it an official gamemode. The gamemode is now released on 12 different maps. 

   We now also have server browsing. Overwatch users can now create their own game modes and let other people play on them. Experiencing it for the first time, I found some servers that were just troll servers, but I did find a few that were re…

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TTheenderr TTheenderr 1 March 2017

March 3, 2017

I just added the Hero Nav's on hero pages that doesn't have them. Added few info on the Game Browser and started Capture the Flag page. Now, it's time for me to go. I am satisfied on what i did today.

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Nestemate de Cristal +Jasper Nestemate de Cristal +Jasper 3 February 2017


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Pinkachu Pinkachu 13 January 2017

Time for the 2017 Couples Bracket Tournament

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Derp2000 Derp2000 23 December 2016

Overwatch Hero Rating: Genji Shimada



 Genji Shimada, the fan-favorite hero (or I would say, because almost everybody uses Genji, even if they're not that good with him), is probably one of the most versatile (if not, the most versatile) offensive hero in Overwatch. Having the ability to shoot different shurikens at different ranges is great against almost everybody. His passive ability to climb and having double jump is also very good for maneuvering to different areas of the map. HIs 2 abilities, Deflect and Swift Strike, can help him in both evasive maneuvering or just full blown damaging other heroes, is a way to describe …

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Xjjice Xjjice 12 October 2016

PS4 Junkenstien's Revenge Team

Please send help! Ok, that was dramatic, but I anyone wants to make a Junkenstiens Revenge team with me send a friend request to kirschnerr20656 on the psn. Rules: Must be good at soldier 76, mcree, hanzo, or ana, and must have a mic. I will usually be on at 3:30 EST to 4:30 EST. We will start with medium mode and eventually move onto Hard. Thanks!

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Gatoutak Gatoutak 10 September 2016

World Cup 2016 Euro Matches This Weekend

The Overwatch World Cup 2016 is on its way! You can watch several European matches this weekend on twitch.tv/esl_overwatch.

Matches this weekend include:

  • Austria vs Serbia - 18:30(CEST)/9:30(PDT)
  • Austria vs Czech Republic - 20:00(CEST)/11:00(PDT)
  • Norway vs Portugal - 21:00(CEST)/12:00(PDT)

  • France vs Croatia - 12:30(CEST)/3:30(PDT)
  • Finland vs Hungary - 15:30(CEST)/ 6:30(PDT)
  • Sweden vs Slovakia - 17:00(CEST)/8:00(PDT)
  • Romania vs Slovakia - 19:00(CEST)/10:00(PDT)
  • Germany vs Ireland - 21:00(CEST)/12:00(PDT)

  • France vs Portugal - 14:00(CEST)/5:00(PDT)
  • Hungary vs United Kingdom - 15:30(CEST)/6:00(PDT)
  • Finland vs United Kingdom - 17:00(CEST)/8:00(PDT)
  • Germany vs CIS & Baltic Area - 18:00(CEST)/9:00(PDT)
  • Italy vs Russia - 21:00(CEST)/12:00(PDT)

(If you aren't su…

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HQDominator HQDominator 9 September 2016

What is the Highest Possible Multi-Kill in Overwatch?

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Foreword
  • 3 Explanation
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 Conclusion
  • 6 Recruitment

I have seen a few different posts talking about multi-kills and how close the kills have to be in order to get the "multi-kill" to pop up, but none of them are going to go as in-depth and almost game-breaking as this one.  In this blog I will show how to get the highest possible multi-kill in Overwatch.

So, you may be wondering, "Isn't this just going to turn out to be 6?  He's probably just going to explain which ultimates can get a fast team kill or something like that."  Well, if you are, you're wrong.  

A 6 person multi-kill?  That's garbage.  If you've ever been happy with a team kill that you did by yourself, get ready to feel bad about it because it's about to get blown away.

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Gatoutak Gatoutak 24 August 2016

For those out of the loop about Sombra

Sombra is a character that has been teased in Dorado for a while now. Lots of theories have been made about her, but up until recently there has been no real content about her existence.

The Game Detectives wiki has a full recap of the ARG, and I'd recommend giving their page a read. The gist of it is:

JULY 12: The Ana Origin Story video is released, has hexidecimal codes hidden inbetween scenes

JULY 19: A dev update video has weird TV interference at the end; it's a bunch of bar codes that form a QR code

AUGUST 2: Summer Games video goes live, secret code found in Tracer's blink that needs a code, characters have cardinal directions in the background that form a full compass

AUGUST 8: A new corrupted image of Dorado is put on the website, has …

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Whitefire1337 Whitefire1337 18 July 2016

The Fedearation and Overwatch: GRF Leaders Start Colliation with Overwatch

NEW YORK CITY (Atlas News)- The Global Republic Federation also known as the GRF, confirmed that the Federation created a coalition with Overwatch.

The leaders of the organization, The Fourteen Horseman confirmed that they just started a coalition with Overwatch.

But there faces are never scene or heard, in the Horseman statement read "In order to protect the Horseman and the GRF. We must cover our faces and hide our voices."

We have no information regarding about the GRF. But Federation officials called their own organization "A successor to Overwatch."

What began as mysterious organization to a military super power. The United Nations first met the GRF, four months after Overwatch's fall. This organization suddenly and quickly became militar…

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Whitefire1337 Whitefire1337 16 July 2016

Raven Oxton

Grey Corvus, real name Raven Oxton, also known as Hooded Grey, Hooded Corvus or simply Corvus, was a former special operations leader, and mercenary

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Gatoutak Gatoutak 6 July 2016

Call To Arms - Need help identifying these player icons

I've been working on the Player Icon page and I've hit a snag.

For whatever reason, Overwatch's player icon menu doesn't show the names of any icons, whether you have them or not. The only time you ever see their names is when you initially get them in a loot box. 

These people on Reddit put together a list of a good chunk of the names (and thank you to those people). I've managed to fill in most of the gaps by skimming unboxing videos, but there are 16 icons that I haven't managed to find. 

I don't want to add any of them until I know their actual names. A lot of these I'm sure have pretty obvious names (who wants to bet the first one is just called 76?) and others I wouldn't know since I haven't played other Blizzard games. Either way, I'd …

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