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Anniversary is a seasonal event celebrating of the release of Overwatch. The event offers players a limited series of items, which can be earned through special Loot Boxes, and unlocked through Hero Gallery. Once the event ends, all event-exclusive content becomes unobtainable until the next year's anniversary event.


  • The event returned on May 22, 2018, running through to June 11, 2018. The event came with new arena map Petra, a Competitive variant of deathmatch, and new loot box drop system: 2018 anniversary boxes are also guaranteed to drop one item from another seasonal event, and legendary anniversary boxes will always drop at least one legendary item; the latter can only be obtained by logging in during the event or bulk purchasing 50 crates.
  • The event returned in 2019, ran between May 22 and June 11 and offered unique Sprays, portraits and Skins as rewards for winning a certain number of matches each week.
  • The event returned in 2020, ran between May 19 and June 9 and offered unique sprays, portraits and skins as rewards for winning a certain number of matches each week.

Anniversary items



Thank You Overwatch Anniversary 2018

Thank You Overwatch Anniversary (2018)


  • This is the only event to not introduce any event-exclusive Victory Poses or Highlight Intros.
  • A later section of the Anniversary event main menu theme uses the same music present in the first part of the Uprising Origin Story Video.
  • Due to 24 heroes being released at the time of this event, and Junkrat and Roadhog being given Joker cards, the 9 of Hearts and 9 of Clubs were not given to a hero in the form of a spray.
  • If Junkrat and Roadhog's dance emotes are positioned and timed correctly, they will high-five each other during their dances and an audio cue will be heard when they do.


  • Ana's dance emote is an Egyptian Saidi Dance. [1]
  • Ana's "Follow me" voice line is reference to a recurring line in the Terminator franchise.
  • Bastion's dance emote is The Train Dance. [2]
  • Brigitte’s dance emote is a reference to a viral video of the Swedish Women’s handball team performing a Zumba dance. [3]
  • D.Va's dance emote is a reference to the Voltron's dance from Robot Chicken. [4]
  • Doomfist's emote is a reference to Baby Groot's dance from the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
  • Genji's dance emote is a reference to Kinjaz. It contains a few moves from two of their preformances. [5] [6]
  • Genji's skin, like the name implies, is based on Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series.
  • Hanzo's dance emote is a traditional Japanese dance called "Nanchu Soran Bushi" or "The Fisherman's Dance". [7]
  • Junkrat's dance emote is a dance Will Smith did on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air . [8]
  • Lúcio's dance emote is a Rollerblade Dance. [9]
  • McCree's dance emote is The Electric Slide Line Dance. [10]
  • Mei's dance emote is the choreography that goes with the Hare Hare Yukai dance from the 2006 anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. [11]
  • Mercy's dance emote is The Hustle. [12]
  • Moira’s dance emote is an Industrial dance [13]
  • Moira’s "Good news, everyone" voice line is a reference to a catchphrase of Professor Farnsworth in Futurama.
  • Orisa's dance is partly based on Equine dancing. [14]
  • Orisa's "Satisfied with protection" voice line is likely a reference to Big Hero 6.
  • Reinhardt's dance is a reference to Gene Kelly's "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" [15]
  • Reinhardt's "Honor! Justice! Reinhardt!" voice line is a reference to the exact same quote said by his voice actor at BlizzCon 2016.
  • Roadhog's dance emote is The Cabbage Patch. [16]
  • Soldier: 76's dance emote is most likely a reference to Nuts!. [17]
  • Sombra's dance emote is Shuffle Dance[18]
  • Tracer's dance emote is The Charleston. [19]
  • Widowmaker's dance emote is Ballet.
  • Winston's dance emote is a reference to The Twist from Pulp Fiction. [20]
  • Zarya's dance emote is a reference to the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship. [21] [22]

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